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The Doom of the Eel - Part II

2017-03-21 18:52:12 by Skaalk

Hurray, my latest upload got frontpaged and that has made me happier than the birth of Vietnamese children. I damn them.

Anyway, I'm putting some links here to a comparison image between the old and the new versions, and a different variant that basically just has circles added to it, because my brother complained that the original had circles, but the new one didn't. So I gave into his demands and added circles. Damn circles.

Comparison Image:

Lame Circle Variant:


2016-10-10 12:15:41 by Skaalk

Finally finished uploading all the inktober drawings I had uploaded onto my art thread, to my main page. 

Drunk Afrikaaner

2016-10-01 17:28:40 by Skaalk

Voetsek man, jy's 'n poes. 


Thank you.

I Have Been Away

2016-03-01 09:34:17 by Skaalk

Not sure how many people wondered, but I have been gone. As that there title does say.

So yes, I've been gone a few months, been busy fixing up the building where myself and a friend are going to open a comic book store. There's also been more freelance work, as always. My drawing tablet also broke, because it was really old and some knock off cheap brand, but I have now bought myself a proper wacom tablet so I'll see how long this thing lasts. 

And now I am back, like that one guy who came back, and I will draw more things. Might even do some animations when I'm not arsed.

Julle bliksems.

So it's Inktober and I saw on my tumblr someone post a thread about a 30 day monster girl challenge, which I am all about, I am about the girls, and the monsters, I have been known to about days as well. I've doing a lot design work for soe local businesses here and this challenge will be a good way to relax kind of and unwind after a hard days work of designing and drinking. 

Am also animating some stuff that is taking forever to animate because I am very much too arsed to do anything at night. I sometimes go shoot dinosaurs.

Sunday Nose Bleed

2015-08-30 11:47:10 by Skaalk

It's Sunday, it's hot and my sinuses are still being the worst type of bastard in the world what with giving me headaches and such. But! I poured warm salt water into my nose via a small kettle, it burned as much as you might have thought it did. It burned so bad my nose actually started to bleed, I was assured that that was normal so I will just roll with it. 

In order words, I'm going away this week on a sort of "holiday" which means I won't have my pc to draw things, but it seems my latest one is doing quite well which makes me happy. So happy.

I will take a sketchbook with me and do some acoustic drawing, of sorts. 

And on a last note before all the blood leaves my body so fast that someone would mistake me for an anime character seeing some giant tits. People have told me that twitter is important, it's an important thing, I don't know why, the whole 140 characters thing is a pair of bollocks to me, but friends have suggested I promote the twitter what I have, so here it is; 

Follow that link and follow my twitter to hear me talk about how shit summer is.

I have no ears

2015-08-28 19:11:26 by Skaalk

Great, the seasons are changing again. Well more like one day it was winter and the next it was summer, that's just how South African seasons work, the weather just can't wait to be so freaking hot again. It's been giving me terrible migraines because of sinuses and now my ear is clogged, added with extra stress from work my room suddenly feels like a it's an inquebator for horrible terrible things.

On the plus side... Nothing, there is none, well maybe a little. I've made some music again and have started animating some actual serious video type things what would totally look cool with that there music what I said I what made. 

Migraines I can stand, I just take a nap, but this damn clogged ear. It's maddening!

The Madness!!


2015-08-23 17:50:07 by Skaalk

Right, so each week I say that I would try to do more than I did in that previous week, like upload more art. But dammit am I busy, I've an animation project with my brother as well another one in concept right now, I've got to keep my web-comic update. Not that it's very popular or anything but I just feel like doing it. Got a bunch of freelance things going on, things that I hate so very much.

I've even been trying to get some of my pin ups sold online as posters or t-shirts, but all the sites are either "This is too sexy for us" or "But why do she have tentacles for hair?". That is how these things go, that is how this goes. 

I've also been getting back into making music which I may or may not put here, now shut up and imagine farting noises.

Point is more stuff soon.


2015-07-27 04:27:05 by Skaalk

Another week has passed, my time spent here on Newgrounds really is a refreshing change from my days on DeviantART. I like this place. I've been busy with boring freelance stuff, but the pin-up drawings I make to cool down after a long day has really been relaxing, makes me yearn for my days working at the tattoo parlour in town. I am planning on making, and something else that has been brewing in the back of my mind.

My web-comic Billy & Billy is still a thing, Thomas actually updated it yesterday but not with a comic because he's a lazy nasty bastard person, and will be uploading something this week again, something of real comic worthiness. His dumb picture is here;

I must write more things here. Lots, about dirt and stuff. 


2015-07-17 14:12:46 by Skaalk

Yesterday the wind gods were so angry they decided to blow out two of my windows, had them fixed today. But the sight of gruff hard working men made me remember that I don't want to be a gruff hard working men, and also that I needed to do a new page for my and my friend's web-comic.

You see that link? That's where the comic makes it nesting.

There's ice-cream in it!